Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Overturning Roe v. Wade

There can only be one logical, reasonable conclusion to be drawn from the Republican party's determination to overturn Roe v. Wade and once again make abortion illegal in the U.S. regardless of the woman's circumstances.

Republicans don't believe in freedom of choice. 

Instead they believe it's acceptable to legislate religious morality into the laws of our nation, inflicting their religious beliefs on every citizen with no concern for what we may individually believe. 

There's absolutely no practical reason abortion can't remain a legal option for those women who wish to  have one. Christian leaders are free to demand that Christian women refrain from electing that option. 

If abortion were considered repugnant by the vast majority of women they wouldn't get them. If there were other available options for the victims of rape and incest to avoid pregnancy or a mother in mortal danger from giving birth, then the abortion option could be ignored. There is no circumstance in which the lives of women or society as a whole benefits from making the abortion option illegal and forcing women in need of one to once again become victims of back alley abortions performed by less than honorable charlatans. 

The fact that there are women who want and need abortions ought to tell Republican leaders that this is an option many citizens find necessary. But Republicans, and all the others who oppose freedom of choice, don't care. The citizen's needs are of no interest to them, the very concept of freedom of choice is anathema to them. They see nothing wrong with telling the people they supposedly represent what they may do. This is the manner of an authoritarian dictatorship or theocracy, not a democratic republic. 

This is just the first step by theocratic conservatives to ensure their religious dogma becomes the law of the land. If they can win a victory in their crusade against women the rest of us are next.