Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Overturning Roe v. Wade

There can only be one logical, reasonable conclusion to be drawn from the Republican party's determination to overturn Roe v. Wade and once again make abortion illegal in the U.S. regardless of the woman's circumstances.

Republicans don't believe in freedom of choice. 

Instead they believe it's acceptable to legislate religious morality into the laws of our nation, inflicting their religious beliefs on every citizen with no concern for what we may individually believe. 

There's absolutely no practical reason abortion can't remain a legal option for those women who wish to  have one. Christian leaders are free to demand that Christian women refrain from electing that option. 

If abortion were considered repugnant by the vast majority of women they wouldn't get them. If there were other available options for the victims of rape and incest to avoid pregnancy or a mother in mortal danger from giving birth, then the abortion option could be ignored. There is no circumstance in which the lives of women or society as a whole benefits from making the abortion option illegal and forcing women in need of one to once again become victims of back alley abortions performed by less than honorable charlatans. 

The fact that there are women who want and need abortions ought to tell Republican leaders that this is an option many citizens find necessary. But Republicans, and all the others who oppose freedom of choice, don't care. The citizen's needs are of no interest to them, the very concept of freedom of choice is anathema to them. They see nothing wrong with telling the people they supposedly represent what they may do. This is the manner of an authoritarian dictatorship or theocracy, not a democratic republic. 

This is just the first step by theocratic conservatives to ensure their religious dogma becomes the law of the land. If they can win a victory in their crusade against women the rest of us are next. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Horton Hears an Evangelical

In a place known as Whoville the folks got distraught
When Horton the elephant said what he thought.
“The oddest of oddities isn’t as odd
As people believing that there is a god.”

The Who Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists
The Who Vegetarians, Wiccans, and Nudists,
The Who Presbyterians, Baptists, New Agers:
All spread the sad news on their cell phones and pagers.

A Who Evangelical fell to his knees
And he said, “Oh no, Horton! I beg of you, please!
We always have liked you. We all think you’re swell,
And we can’t stand the thought that you’re headed to hell!”

But Horton just laughed and he wiggled his trunk.
The bible to him was a big bunch of bunk.
He meant what he said and he said what he meant,
“Religion is silly a hundred percent.”

The Who Evangelical let out a snort in
A very snide way most insulting to Horton.
“You say you’re an atheist? Here’s what we’ll do —
We all know that atheists are anti-Who —

We’ll drive you from Whoville; we’ll send you away.
Or else we will force you to worship and pray.
A person’s a person, no matter how small
But an atheist isn’t a person at all!”

But Horton just laughed once again even louder
And told all the Whos he would not take a powder,
Nor worship some stupid nonsensical being
That no one was hearing and no one was seeing.

“I will not be threatened,” he said. “It’s not funny.
I won’t trust your god with my flag or my money!
I will not allow him to influence science.
An elephant thrives on his own self-reliance!”

The Who Evangelical said, “My dear chap, sure
You think you’re so smart, but just wait till the rapture.”
The anti-Christ’s coming and then you will find,
That your friends are in heaven but you’re left behind.

“We cannot allow that to happen to you,
Because, after all, Jesus loves ev’ry Who.
You must accept God for the good of us all.
A person’s a person no matter how small.

“And though you’re no Who (you are just a big elephant),
God loves you, too. What you are is irrelevant.
He can destroy us if someone’s defiant.
A sinner’s a sinner no matter how giant!”

The Whos approached Horton, began to surround him.
If some of the Whos had their way, they’d have drowned him.
Some others thought maybe they might build a fire.
And stoning was mentioned among the Who choir.

But Horton was huge and avoided the crunch of them,
Picked up his foot, and he stepped on a bunch of them,
Hoped the survivors would give up their mission,
So here’s what he told them about superstition:

“The oddest of oddities isn’t as odd
As people believing that there is a god.
There isn’t a heaven, or hell you should dread.
A person’s a person — unless he is dead.” (Anon)
“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”
Dr. Seuss